Deployed 320+ associates in 6 months to boost engagement for a client in India

About the client

The client is a leading PU foam manufacturing company based in India.

Client’s Challenges

The client had a complex customer experience system for channel partner stores that led to a dissatisfied end experience for customers. They also did not have enough associates for engagement programs to improve brand awareness.

Key Gaps

  • Lack of experienced manpower
  • Improper induction and training modules
  • Non-existent visual merchandizing

Quess Solution

We fixed the problem of mediocre customer experience by initiating a fixed promoter program and floater advisor program. This led to increased brand awareness and brand visibility.

  • Hired experienced associates from retail, apparel, and furnishing industries.
  • Initiated a 6-day training and induction program to address issues regarding brand awareness.
  • Deployed hired associates to different stores based on store environment and time travel.
  • Drove sales through effective KPI setting through ASP & attach ratio.


  • Boosted gender equality by hiring 40% women associates
  • Grew the ASP substantially from 19k to 22k
  • Increased the count of 50 associates to 320+ in 6 months

About Quess

Quess is India’s leading business services provider that offers innovative digital solutions to expand business capabilities and productivity. We are the youngest company in the country to transcend into an organisation of 4, 37,000+ employees in less than 15 years. We are the pioneers of workforce management, managed outsourcing, operating asset management, and global tech in India, and have been serving the staffing and recruitment industry through digital automation and transformation.