Migrating 2000+ contractors onto compliant & automated ecosystems in less than 120 days for a an American client

About the client

The client is world’s most innovation company IT professional services to 30+ countries. With headquarters in New York City, USA, they have a workforce of 1, 00,000+ employees. They are a force to reckon with in the IT industry with a strong foothold in data, business operations, and digitization.

Client’s Challenges

The client had a legacy vendor management system that impacted operational efficiency which resulted in compliance risks hindering contingent hiring.

Key Gaps

  • Distressed management of 1000+ contractors
  • Inflexible talent ecosystems
  • Rusty contingent hiring processes
  • Decentralized talent pools
  • Un-automatic and traditional operational models

Quess Solution

Quess deployed its digital compliance platform – Simplance® enabled automation of the entire vendor management and talent ecosystem for the client. Our team also redesigned the contingent workforce hiring process, and centralized talent pools for improved efficiency.

  • Facilitated digital document processing on Simpliance® for bespoke audit management of staffing suppliers.
  • Supported in hiring contract resources through staff-augmentation and workforce management
  • Provided the client with audit reports to comply with regulations and make informed decisions about the existing processes.


By implementing a future-ready, automated, and centralized workforce management system, we enabled the client in achieving goals. Our team successfully:

  • Automated the hire-to-retire process with scalable compliance solutions
  • Migrated 60+ suppliers & 2000+ contractors to the new talent ecosystem
  • Completed the project in less than 120 days
  • Elevated compliance standards from 0% to 99% for the client

About Quess

Quess is India’s leading business services provider that offers innovative digital solutions to expand business capabilities and productivity. We are the youngest company in the country to transcend into an organisation of 4, 37,000+ employees in less than 15 years. We are the pioneers of workforce management, managed outsourcing, operating asset management, and global tech in India, and have been serving the staffing and recruitment industry through digital automation and transformation.