Hiring 3000+ contractors in less than 25 days by reducing time-to-hire for a client in the UK

About the client

The client is a reputed telecommunication service provider based in the UK. They offer voice and data services to 300M+ customers across all spectrums – 2G, 3G, 4G and 5G in 70+ countries.

Client’s Challenges

The client had no centralized vendor management system in place to manage multiple staffing vendors which led to a choked supply chain. Also, they had unavailability of tech professionals on-demand for critical roles.

Key Gaps

  • Legacy ecosystems operated in silos
  • Lack of defined KPIs and matrix for supplier performance management and evaluation
  • Delay in sourcing, hiring, and on boarding of tech professionals (Validate this)
  • Extremely high time-to-hire (TAT) that led to mounting hiring costs

Quess Solution

Our first course of action was to assess the legacy ecosystem suppliers to understand the gaps and weed out non-performing vendors. This led successfully creating a 100% compliant, tech-enabled talent ecosystem that aligned with the client’s goals and objectives.

  • Ran a detailed time and motion study to blueprint persisting hiring processes, talent forecasts, and audit systems.
  • Created a performance evaluation matrix to segregate suppliers on the basis of their technical expertise and past performance levels.
  • Centralised client’s vendor commercial management software, and standardised suppliers’ payment terms and policies.


  • Boosted headcount by 70%
  • Consolidated 10 suppliers from a pool of 40+
  • Hired 3,000+ contractors
  • Reduced time-to-hire by 25 days
  • Reduced hiring-cost by over INR 9 Crores

About Quess

Quess is India’s leading business services provider that offers innovative digital solutions to expand business capabilities and productivity. We are the youngest company in the country to transcend into an organisation of 4, 37,000+ employees in less than 15 years. We are the pioneers of workforce management, managed outsourcing, operating asset management, and global tech in India, and have been serving the staffing and recruitment industry through digital automation and transformation.