IKYA Group gives the Gift of Education to 600 Children

Bangalore, June 29, 2014: IKYA Group today announced the launch of its corporate social responsibility (CSR) initiative that will support the communities in which it operates. The company plans to start many initiatives in the areas of health and education. Phase-I of the initiative will benefit the employees of Avon, an IKYA group of company that provides facility management services.AVON has 12210 employees of which workforce forms 12000 employees

The initiative was launched at the Freedom Park, where over 380 children in the age group of 5 to 12 years received education kits.

Speaking on the initiative, “Mr. Ajit Isaac, Chairman and Managing Director, IKYA Group said, “As IKYA we have a wide social impact given the sheer numbers we employ especially the workforce. Through an internal study we realized that out of the 85000 employees we have, 80000 people are from margins of society who need assistance for education of kids and personal health and hygiene requirement.

As a company our objective, our mission is to create a better work and better life for the people. Better work we create by providing employability, by skilling people and by providing better work environment. A better life we create through such initiatives, through social impact, through reaching people for their requirements. We believe no organization can exist without creating both better work and better life for its ecosystem

Education and Health are the two major pillars to accelerate growth in a society and we have identified several smaller elements under these to encourage community development. To commence, the program will be rolled-out among children of our employees who in most cases have seen to drop-out schools due to financial challenges. IKYA CSR initiative is our first step towards bringing about a positive change in the lives of our employees and their children.”

The CSR initiative is envisioned to actively contribute and build a healthy and educated workforce in the community and provide sustainable livelihood for the weaker sections of society.

The company has identified the following as its key focus areas for the year 2014:

  • Education Kits – Distribution of schools bags, note books, stationeries
  • Educational Scholarships – Financial assistance to the meritorious children of Avon associates to meet a part of their day to day educational expenses
  • Child Care Centers – Support early childhood while the parent is at work and support after school studies for school going children in the community
  • School Adoption – Adopt government schools and support for the holistic development of the school including the infrastructure and teaching media to enhance quality of education and provide safe and hygiene environment for studies