Quess Corp funded Simpliance launches India’s first Compliance ERP tool with free access to 40,000 catalogued pages of Indian labour laws

Bangalore January 23, 2016: In a move set to revolutionize labour law compliance administration and management in India, about 40,000 pages of complex legalese content has been catalogued into a patent-pending ERP tool – Simpliance for free public access. Quess Corp, India’s leading integrated business services providerhas bought a 45% stake in Bengaluru-based Simpliance.The SAAS-based, plug-and-play software will be deployed for labour compliance management across shops, establishments, factoriesand enterprisesin the country.

Simpliance has also inked dealswith large Indian Corporates for implementing enterprise-wide compliance across their pan-Indiabranches.Simplianceis working towards a goal of 10,000 licenses that will bringin more companies in Indiaunder the compliance ambit by 2016-17. It is also set to expand into overseas markets including Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Singapore by 2016-18.

“Labour law compliance in India is besetwith complications unlike financial or other industry regulations, which already have players with designed systems for governance and course correction.”says Anil D’Souza, founder of Simpliance.

“India’s growing number of SMEs is becoming increasingly vulnerable and finding compliance to labour laws is highly expensive. Adding to the complexity is compliance laws’ inherent inertia: it is neither replicable nor standardizable across industries. For the firsttimeever, Simpliance has automated labour compliance to help companies identify the regulatory requirements in an intuitive, user-friendly and hassle-free manner. We will slowly expand its scope to cover all regulatory compliances and standards in the coming years,” he adds.

Simpliance’s entry comes at an opportune time when the Indian government is keen on simplifying labour laws. Technology will play a major role in helping people and companies to understand the context and perspectives of such laws, making compliance a transparent exercise in the process. Adherence becomes simpler and conflict resolution faster. Simpliance’s first of its kind simulation model which is powered by its patent-pending engine will also power student, HR and Legal Professionals to learn labour laws in an interesting way than the traditional class room training. It also improves productivity, transparency and trust as staff and even consumers align better with an establishment’s corporate vision, mindful of their rights and requirements.