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We are one of the largest private-sector employers in India. Our business solves the pressing needs of society, including hygiene, sanitation, and security, while offering secure employment with social benefits to all our employees and associates. Our unique business model enables our 422,000 Quessians to create lasting economic and social value.

Our business is built on the foundation of doing good for society. The ties between business and society are deepening and we have the opportunity with our unique business model to create lasting change with people leadership, responsible citizenship, environmental consciousness and good governance.

Our business solves for pressing needs of society including formal employment, hygiene, sanitation, and security and our ESG governance framework combined with aspirational targets for materially important sustainability themes would enable all Quessians to play their part in achieving ESG leadership.

Our Philosophy

Our sustainability philosophy has our people at the core. Formal employment is a dream cherished by millions and our business model enables the same at scale. Our business makes a direct positive impact on India’s vast labour force–right from training and skilling, to providing secure jobs, to making them ready for employment, to providing social security benefits. Our aspiration is to create a million-strong diverse and inclusive workforce by 2026. By engaging Quessians in productive and dignified employment across the world, we help our customers enjoy greater productivity, enhanced flexibility and lower costs.

Our commitment to society beyond our organizational boundaries with our CSR initiatives that have improved access to health and education for school children. Climate change and associated environmental degradation are defining problems of our times and our businesses are directly aligned to mitigate climate impact. Even though Quess is a low carbon intensive business, we are mindful of our limited carbon footprint and we plan to consistently reduce carbon intensity. We are deeply committed to our responsibilities towards society and the environment and recognise these as being integral our core business. Our values-led governance puts us at the forefront of our industry in labour-related reform and practices, making us the partner of choice for ethical businesses.

Sustainability Strategy

At Quess, we are driven by our values and culture of accountability to our stakeholders. Our institution is built on trust, and we constantly seek higher standards of governance through our business systems and processes.


Our Initiatives

At Quess Corp, we strongly believe, what is good for the society is good for our business. Thus, we continue to address various social concerns through our business initiatives, reducing the environmental impact.

Our initiatives

Professional landscaping

Renewable energy

Electronic recycling

Environmental footprint

Hire-to-retire service platform

Digital onboarding


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