Unleashing Potential of Blue and Grey collar workers: Cultivating a dynamic learning edge.

June 22, 2023

In today's rapidly changing job market, organizations seek job-ready professionals, while individuals strive to enhance their skills for better career prospects. However, blue and grey-collar workers face unique challenges in meeting these demands. Over the years, while working with associates, Quess has discovered various challenges that the associates face. Which in turn impact their productivity. These challenges have been studied in order to find the right solution. Historically, the training of blue and grey collar workers has not received focused efforts.

What are the challenges Faced by Blue and Grey Collar Workers?

Blue and grey-collar workers often lack essential skills that employers seek, including communication, sales proficiency, fluency in English, and tools such as Excel Many of these individuals come from vernacular backgrounds with limited training opportunities, hindering their professional growth. Furthermore, the scarcity of learning tools in their native languages adds to the challenge. Some other challenges include:

  • Lack of content
  • Lack of tools in digitized form
  • Lack of flexible mobile based content that can be consumed at any time.

Addressing these challenges becomes a necessity to maintain a steady workforce.

What are the organizations looking for? The Need for Job-Ready Professionals

The BFSI and Retail sectors are witnessing an increasing demand for specialized talent. Companies now prioritize candidates who can make an immediate impact. Simultaneously, job seekers are eager to equip themselves with the necessary skills to stand out from the competition.

Organizations strive for a workforce that understands their compliance standards, policies, and values. This includes fostering awareness of employee rights, appropriate workplace behavior, and channels for redressal. As cases of organizational misconduct and workplace harassment rise, there is a growing need for employees to be knowledgeable in areas such as POSH, Code of Conduct, Health & safety among others.

What happens if you ignore Skill gaps?

When employees lack knowledge of compliance standards and essential learning requirements, their job performance and security are at risk. Inadequate skills also dampen motivation, hindering employees from reaching their full potential impacting productivity leading to attrition.

Recognizing the obstacles and studying the challenges faced by associates and the organizations, Qdemy – an Edutech initiative of Quess was developed. It is aimed at working professionals, customers and job seekers to enhance their role-based and basic employability skills.

For organizations with diverse workforce, it is vital to translate learning modules into multiple languages, ensuring comprehension and internalization. Courses in Qdemy are available in 9 languages!

Benefits of a Trained Workforce: Empowering Success

A well-trained and aware workforce plays a pivotal role in achieving organizational goals and driving productivity. Tangible benefits, such as improved performance and increased efficiency, are accompanied by enhanced employee morale and confidence. Motivated employees who aspire to advance within the organization contribute to its overall growth. One of the indirect benefits is attrition control as a skilled workforce is more likely to stay.

Qdemy: Revolutionizing Workforce Training

Qdemy, Quess's digital learning, revolutionizes training by addressing the challenges faced by blue and grey collar workers. Designed to enhance employability skills, Qdemy provides role-based and basic competency programs, equipping the workforce with the necessary tools for success. Through its mobile-friendly platform, associates gain access to bite-sized learning nuggets in multiple languages, accommodating their limited learning time. The WorQ app (which is used by over 4 lac employees at Quess) enables easy access to a wide range of free and affordable courses, fostering awareness and knowledge of essential skills.

Managers can actively monitor associate progress, provide support, and motivate them to complete self-improvement courses. Qdemy also offers customized training solutions to meet specific customer requirements and can provide classroom education when necessary.

Qdemy has free courses, such as Health & Safety standards, POSH, Human Rights Policy and Code Of Conduct. At the same time, standard courses are available at nominal fees. However, key focus is on customization of content provided by customers.

With Qdemy, Quess provides a solution that enables individuals to acquire the skills needed for career advancement and organizations to thrive in a competitive market.

Connect with Ms Sanchari, our head of Qdemy on sanchari.sur@quesscorp.com

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