The workforce is the lifeblood of any organization, and with the right people, you can transform businesses. At Quess, we aim to do just that – equip companies with world-class workforce management solutions to help them succeed.

As a globally recognized workforce management services provider, we offer end-to-end HRO services that are aimed at solving complex HR challenges. From customized staffing services, expert talent acquisition, search and recruitment, payroll compliance, training and skill development, to managed workforce solutions, Quess provides all the tools necessary to drive your business growth.

Quess Staffing Solutions

A market leader in the Indian staffing service, Quess Staffing, caters to some of the biggest brands in the country. Our proven track record of delivering world-class staffing solutions enables us to oversee the entire recruitment process from assessing candidates to recruitment while reducing the cost of staffing. Our skilled workforce, efficient operations, and commitment to excellence have made us the go-to company for staffing solutions in India – be it for customized retail requirements or temporary staffing solutions.


Staffing Solutions

Tailor-made solutions,
for diverse staffing requirements.

Managed Services

Delivering excellence,
through targeted services.

Inedge – Retail Solutions

We offer customized solutions
for all your retail needs

Search and Recruitment

We offer expert recruitment solutions
for finding C-suite executives.

Quess IT Staffing

Hiring the right professional for any IT organization can be a tough hurdle to cross. Our approach towards hiring the best IT talent enables us to find prospective employees who share the vision of the company’s overarching goals and objectives—making us one of the most sought after and largest staffing firms in the country. With our up-skilling services, we train the organization’s workforce to effectively meet industry challenges.
From comprehensive IT staffing solutions to managed IT services, Quess provides a host of professional staffing services to meet all your requirements.


Staffing Services

Comprehensive IT staffing
solutions across industry

Managed Solutions

Managing specific business
functions to improve operational


IT skills training that
prepares individuals for
today and tomorrow.

Search and Recruitment

We offer expert recruitment
solutions for finding
C-suite executives.

Quess Learning

Quess Learning aims to bridge the gap between supply and demand for skilled resources by providing a wide range of training and skill development programmes for graduates, professionals, and corporates. We work closely with the government and other stakeholders to impart vocational training to the rural youth, thereby charting a clear career roadmap for them.

With a wide network of training centres nationwide, and the ability to mobilize and motivate youth, Quess Learning has been able to better the lives of many individuals by providing a customized and industry-relevant curriculum and content.

Apart from that, we also impart corporate training services designed to upskill senior, mid-level management, and entry-level employees.

The Centre of Learning is an initiative by Quess Corp Ltd aimed at building knowledge and talent for the company and the Indian Travel & Tourism Industry. The Centre of Learning serves as a guide and mentor to aspiring travel professionals via several forums, industry meets, and associated education programs. The Centre of Learning’s portfolio covers IATA certifications, special programs for undergraduates, and postgraduates programs on tour management Visit Centre of Learning Website.


Corporate Training

Empowering an aspiring workforce
to take on the corporate world.

Institutional Training

Imparting industry-relevant
skillset to college students.

Learning Management Systems

Standardized learning modules
for optimized training delivery.

Skill Development

Readying the youth of today
for tomorrow’s industry challenges.